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One of the major issues that India's Central & State Governments and Municipal Authorities confront in this century.

provide appropriate quantities of clean and safe water to a fast-rising population and offer healthy environment to the Nation. We have experience in urban and rural environments, in both developed and under-developed areas. Considering the scope and magnitude of the problem, we have gained substantial proficiency and experience in these segments over the years, and are now able to formulate reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions to these problems.

The relationship between civil infrastructure, human health and the environment are interrelated. We provide consultancy services in water supply, sewerage, waste water treatment & water recycling projects, and also offer services in environmental engineering. There exists a great deal of potential for designing, scaling-up and implementing public health solutions using engineering know-how. Likewise, development of public health solutions leads towards the solution of environmental health issues, including contaminated water supplies, airborne toxins or spread of disease. These include designing and developing new systems, technologies and policies to help mitigate environmental threats and protect human lives.

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