Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

GROWEVER we specializes in providing total support to international quality representation and comprehensive project consultancy services for development of projects in the field of Water Resources, Irrigation, Hydro & Power, Roads & Bridges, Civil Buildings, technical manpower management, environment and sewerage.

Our competent and experienced technical workforce is the strength of our company and has been the reason for us to achieve new heights in consultancy services and working on break through projects at challenging locations. Our dedicated team of experts facilitates you to get the elementary section of your project accurate Concluding the ground conditions and the right kind of geotechnical solution. We utilize advanced superior & sophisticated surveying tools for a broad series of survey and investigation applications.

The types of services that we offer:

Project Management Consultant services for civil, irrigation & hydro power projects, Roads, highways, Bridges, ROB’s.

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Civil, Irrigation & hydro power projects, Roads, highways, Bridges, ROB’s.

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies.

Master Plans and Regional Development Plans.

Environmental Studies.

Hydraulic and Structural Engineering Designs.

Architectural & Structural Drawings.

Cost Estimation and Technical Specifications.

Contract Processing and Evaluation.

Construction Planning, Scheduling & Construction Supervision.

Inspection and Quality Surveillance.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipment’s.

Topographical services, geo-technical investigations.

Geological mapping.

Socio-Economic Studies.

Geo-tech & Hydrographical survey.